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I am pretty sure that the level of water in this area has dropped substantially. The result will be that the soil is dry and consequentially warmer, and when the roots cannot reach the ground water the trees will become dryer and therefore more expos to fire. I missed this possible explanation for the unusual large and intense fires. Read more about buy likes on instagram here. I am interested in your opinion on this matter. The bushfires follow a three-year drought that experts link to climate change and that has left bushland tinder-dry.

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Can we attribute this to AGW and produce a mindless fanatic Public? I suppose people like Tamino will continue to do it. I am sad some intelligent posters on this blog consider him a rational source of information. You would be as likely to sway him of his alarmist viewpoint as anyone could explain GHE to Joseph Postma or his blind followers. In the State of Victoria, the month of January of the year 1939 came towards the end of a long drought which had been aggravated by a severe hot, dry summer season.

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